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Made in Leicestershire REPORT DOCUMENTS



The final report and recommendations are available to download here - 



A PDF of the prior research and mini directory is available to download below, and a printed copy can be sent on request.


The documents below were created during the Made in Leicestershire research phase in 2018 and
stand as a record of what was found at the time of creation. They have not been updated in 2019.


1. Guilds and Groups. Spreadsheet of comparable regional guilds and groups in the UK and
spreadsheet of Leicestershire arts groups and organisations. These are analysed in relation to type
of group. Organisational and funding structure, membership costs and benefits and outward
impression given by website.

2. Summary of findings for groups and guilds spreadsheet.

3. Full details of membership benefits for each of the main organisations in the Guilds and Groups

4. Research Review. A review of published research which is relevant to the areas of Made in
Leicestershire study, particularly Governance or management structure of artist groups,
partnerships, networks and access to training and professional development.

5. Social Media. A subjective analysis of the social media activity of selected regional groups.


6. Leicestershire regional support organisations.

7. List of retail, public and other organisations which might be potential partners for Made in
Leicestershire activity. Includes many major businesses based in the county as well as shops,
galleries, organisations and venues.

8. Engagement-based arts organisations in Leicestershire

9. Etsy teams relevant to Leicestershire

10. Findings summary from 2017 artists survey

11. Notes from artist networking meeting 2018

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