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Join The Cohort > Modern Painters New Decorators in collaboration with WebinArt

We are excited to announce that WebinArt (our flagship professional development programme), and Modern Painters, New Decorators are joining forces to facilitate 'The Cohort' - A 12-month career development programme for students and recent grads.

The Cohort is an intentional part-time year out for individuals who want to receive teaching, mentoring, and on-the-job training in order to develop their skills working in the visual arts. The Cohort is made up of student interns and graduate volunteers who set aside two days a week for a year to invest in MPND and receive investment from MPND.

To take part in the Cohort please head to the MPND website and request a role description and application form via their contact form. Deadlines for applications is 11 September 2019.

The year is free to take part in, and relevant work expenses are covered. On a monthly basis The Cohort will come together for workshops - run by Webinart - themed around topics such as; marketing, pricing, working with retail, branding, risk management, self-care, working with galleries, event design, working with press, commissions, and sustainability and other professional skills involved with running an arts space and operating as a freelance creative.

The Cohort plays a significant role in the life of Modern Painters, New Decorators as they work alongside staff to deliver major projects as part of the programme and are treated as contributors. The Cohort works two days a week 9am-5pm between Thursdays to Saturdays, with allocated dates to take time off throughout the academic year. The programme starts in October, and ends the following September peaking with a celebratory project organised, curated and exhibiting work by The Cohort. As part of The Cohort, individuals receive two years free memberships as an Associate.

About Modern Painters, New Decorators

MPND is an artist-led organisation running a gallery, shop and studios from a shopping centre in Loughborough, East Midlands. They enable artists to re-energise the local by producing free contemporary art exhibitions, artist-produced products and creative membership schemes. They’re known for their collaborative approach to exhibition-making and unique volunteer development programme. The project was started in 2017 by artists and makers with a connection to the town.


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