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(Part 2) Starting a career in the Arts? Here's some key advice from past and present Lead Artists

When we interview our inspiring lead artists, we like to ask one very important question that everyone wants to know - “What advice would you give to someone embarking on a career in the arts?”

Question your Identity.

Jo Fairfax - Multimedia Artist

“Describing yourself as an artist is a good terminology. In a positive way, its doesn't mean a great deal because there's no definition to your identity. That's the key for for me, I don't want anything underpinning my identity. If I say I'm a painter, that implies that I'm NOT something else. The possibility of saying you're not something is restrictive and inhibitive, which I find very unsettling. The World is your oyster - try anything, do anything.”

Watch our full interview with Jo here -

Fight for What You Want.

Rachel Carter - International Sculptor

“If there's something that you want to do, yo've got to fight for it. Its not just going to be handed to you, you've got to work hard. People will say no all the time, but you've got to keep going and fight for what it is that you want to do.”

Watch our full interview with Rachel here -

Find Time.

Helen Mort - Award Winning Author and Poet

“Find time in the everyday to devote to your creativity. In just those little windows of time I get, whether I've been working in a pub, a nightclub or a pharmacy, I'll find those bits of time to read something spectacular or write the beginning of something - an idea which might turn into something else."

Watch our full interview with Helen here -

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