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additional mentoring offer for WEBINART MEMBERS

Are you struggling to find your way with your work or to get it out into the world? We all have challenges in making our creative businesses work in the way we want them to. So many of us struggle with confidence, with making decisions or planning our work. 


One to one mentoring over a few months can really help to build your skills, confidence and make a plan to keep moving forward with your business.  Ruth Singer, our Establish Member Consultant is offering additional mentoring for WebinArt members who want to grow and learn.  


A bundle of three sessions with Ruth costs £150 (equates to £50 per session).


It may seem like a lot of money to invest in your business when you are not making all that much money, but mentoring is absolutely worth the investment. You know where you are struggling and a few hours mentoring and support can help you move forwards so you spend less time agonising, worrying and not getting things done. Hopefully you can make the money back by being more confident, better at marketing and getting thing done!


Ruth has been working as an artist / maker / freelancer / writer and consultant for over 15 years and has a previous career working in museums. She knows all about changing career, and finding your own path through this complex world of making a creative living. She has tried, failed and succeeded at all kinds of different creative ventures and loves helping others to find their own path. 


Ruth is a textile maker but has worked with creative businesses outside of making too, and also works as a freelance consultant, writer, and of course as a mentor so knows about all sorts of creative practice. She has been mentoring for 10 years and regularly works with mentors and coaches herself so understands both sides. 


Ruth’s approach to mentoring is to explore the reasons behind the work you do, they WHY and then help you find ways to grow and develop your practice in a way that feels right and doable for you. 


You might want to focus your sessions on finding your creative path, exploring ways to make an income, promoting and selling your work or building a business that works for your health or life circumstances. 


The initial commitment is for 3 sessions, each will be 45-60 mins long (any longer is exhausting). The mentoring sessions are through Zoom which will be recorded so you can listen to or watch again later which is much better than trying to take notes during the session. Ruth is also available for email discussions between the sessions if you need more pointers or links. Ruth will also send you through some notes from the conversation.


These three sessions cost £150 (equates to £50 per session), which is payable in full upon booking.


To enquire and book your sessions with Ruth, please email

Want to know more about Ruth? Check out her website here -


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