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  • Here's a recap on what's included for all members
    We have three parallel member types that will run side by side over 12 months. All members will have access to our live and recorded online events, including webinars, interviews and networking events. > Valuable Online Learning Get access to our online library of amazing previous content through the online learining platform. Take part in 12 monthly live webinars, hosted by our professional partners. You will delve into a wide range of subjects, such as online and instagram marketing, designing and leading workshops, working collaboratively with others, working with communities, setting up studios, working with galleries, finance and funding. Watch 6 live online interviews with creative professionals from each of our partner organisations: Modern Painters, New Decorators Junction Arts Advantage Creative Rutland Museum The Mighty Creatives Haarlem Artspace Mentoring Please note that mentoring is not provided for Evolve members. > 1-2-1 Mentoring for EMERGE members (early-career) Emerge members will benefit from three one-to-one tailored business mentoring sessions with one of our expert mentors. > Group Peer-mentoring for ESTABLISH members (mid-career/established) Those on our Establish mid-career programme (~ more than 3 years in business) will have the opportunity to engage in focussed peer-to-peer mentoring sessions, facilitated by award-winning maker and arts professional Ruth Singer. You will also have access to bespoke events and training tailored to this group.
  • Evolve membership information (online content)
    If you are an Evolve member, you will have access to the majortiy of benefits that we provide, including: 12 live webinars and 6 live interviews Networking sessions Our online school, packed with helpful webinar and inerview recordings. Our private Facebook community The only differences between the Evolve member ship and Emerge and Establish is that you won't have access to mentoring, or be listed in our members directory.
  • Emerge membership information (1-2-1 mentoring)
    If you are an Emerge member, you have been carefully paired with a suitable mentor. You may find that your allocated mentor comes from a different discipline or works in a different industry, and we ask you to approach your mentoring with an open and positive mind. Each of our mentors is highly knowledgeable and experienced in some form of the creative industries. Following your email introduction to your mentor, you will mutually agree on dates, times and locations for your three mentoring sessions. These sessions must be held via video call (skype / zoom / whatsapp) during social distancing regulations. Once these regulations have been lifted, you may meet face-to-face at a mutually convenient and neutral location such as a quiet cafe or meeting space. Sessions will be spread over the year before May 31st 2021. We advise you to take notes during your meetings. An electronic device is helpful to show your website/images/any other business information to demonstrate/communicate your practice. Both yourself and your mentor hold responsibility to respect and maintain confidentiality of all information shared during mentoring conversations (unless the release of information is required by law). The G.R.O.W. Model of Mentoring Without any kind of direction or plan, focus and momentum can be lost. Your mentor is there to help provide some structured guidance, which will help make effective use of time and help both parties get the most out of the mentoring relationship. Agreeing an action plan can bring focus at the outset and help the relationship get off to a positive start. The G.R.O.W. Model is a simple yet effective framework for structuring your mentoring sessions. It stands for - Goal Reality Options (and Obstacles) Will (or Way Forward) You can download the form from the WebinArt Portal. Throughout the year, the WebinArt Team will be in touch to see how your mentoring is going. If you feel that you cannot work with a mentor for any reason, please let us know. Please remember - It is your responsibility to put your plans into action, not the mentors.
  • Establish membership information (peer mentoring)
    If you are an Establish member, you will have the opportunity to take part in 3 facilitates peer-mentoring sessions. What is peer mentoring? A group of artists / creatives getting together to share and support each other in professional development. Mentoring : a two-way process of sharing, learning and growing skills and knowledge Peers : those in the same world as you, who understand about being an artist. A group of equals. Accountability and visibility: daily / weekly goals or challenges which the group will ask you about next time Peer mentoring is about a group of people in similar work getting together to support and develop your work. Each member of the group is equal, no one person is mentor or mentee, you all share, query and support each other to work out business issues. The whole group will receive training before starting and Ruth Singer will facilitate 3 sessions throughout the year and you can meet independently as well. The aim of peer mentoring is that the group becomes supportive friends who can help you work stuff out because they understand the world you work in. We will create small groups of like-minded members so that the peer mentoring sessions are manageable and productive. Originally this was going to be geographically divided with the intention of meeting in person. If possible we will have face to face meetings where this works but we will assess this as we go on and as restrictions change. Your group may include members with different practice but similar issues, goals or actions in mind. We will continually review the groups and it may be possible to swap or attend more than one group. How it works Each member of the group comes to the meeting with an issue they would like to share and get some feedback and help working with. It is up to each person to choose what they would like to cover: it might be practical help about promoting an exhibition, writing a statement or it could be critique of new work. Usually each person would have 10-20 minutes to talk about their issue and get support from the other members. The support might be practical advice where appropriate, but it is often more about asking questions which allow you to work out the issue yourself. So for example - If the question is about promoting an exhibition, the peer mentors might want to ask questions like - "What’s the aim of the exhibition, why are you doing it? Who do you want to reach, what’s the most interesting aspect of the exhibition...". This would help them work out what they should focus on for the promotion, and then there might also be some practical advice on places to send details to. The emphasis of peer mentoring is to help people find their own way, not to tell them what you think they should do. The training session will help you learn ways to do this which is beneficial for your own practice as well as others. The group may decide to have a session focussed around one particular topic which they all struggle with such as writing a statement or finding the time to make new work. Ruth will run a webinar on Peer Mentoring and how to get the best out of it before the first sessions starts and support you throughout the process. Establish members forum We will have an online space where you will be able to chat to other Establish group members, mentors and organisations outside of the online peer mentoring sessions. Here you will be able to ‘meet’ other Establish members who are outside of your peer mentoring group. This will be facilitated / moderated by Ruth Singer and we may set times where this happens so you don’t forget or miss out. We will review this as we go on. If we are aware that you have stopped partaking in the programme or you payments have stopped, we reserve the right to withdraw your place in order to allow a different applicant to access mentoring.
  • What we expect from you
    As a WebinArt member, you are an integral part of the programme. In order to make it as successful as we can, so that you get the most out of the programme and have a positive experience, there are some terms and conditions we ask you to adhere to. Please also see our Code of Conduct. Terms and Conditions By taking part in the WebinArt programme, you agree to - Being contacted by the WebinArt team and mentors via email, phone and social media. Consent to WebinArt sharing and promoting relevant details and images of your business and work via social media channels, website and email. Your name, photo, business, website and business social media accounts being listed in our public online members directory. Endeavour to watch all webinar and interview content, engaging as necessary. Attend as many networking events as possible. Complete all feedback questionnaires. Prepare for and attend all arranged mentoring sessions. Endeavour to use and apply information learnt and guidance provided to your business and practice. Respond to correspondence from WebinArt and your mentor within a good timeframe. Notify WebinArt should you no longer wish to take part in the programme. Treat all individuals involved in the programme with equality, respect and kindness, regardless of age, disability, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. WebinArt holding and securely storing information and data you have provided. For more information, see our privacy policy on our website. If we are aware that you have stopped partaking in the programme and you have cancelled your payments, we reserve the right to withdraw your place in order to allow a different applicant to access mentoring.
  • Our Code of Conduct
    Creative Leicestershire and WebinArt are committed to confronting racial inequality and injustice and we will use our platforms and work to that end. As ethical citizens we cannot continue to ignore our own responsibilities in campaigning for anti-racism. The protests across the world that come in context of a long history or racial injustice and violence against the black community should affect us all. Our programme supports those working in the creative industries and we recognise that this industry has a long way to go to be free of the systemic racism that occurs in every sector in the UK today. We are committed to learn, listen and do the work to create a more inclusive sector. We ask all our participants, contributors and partners to abide by a code of conduct defining standards of behaviour required of you as a participant in our programmes. This code is focussed on principles of respect, responsibility, accountability, open-ness and honesty. Respect – all members are treated equally, fairly, with dignity and respect regardless of their circumstances or personal characteristics. Responsibility – to make this programme free of harassment and/or bullying, discrimination. or other unacceptable behaviours. Accountability - to your fellow participants and programme team for your decisions and actions. You agree to submit yourself to the scrutiny necessary to ensure this. Openness - act and take decisions in an open and transparent manner. Honesty – be truthful and self-reflective. Offensive behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in refusal of resources and removal of participant status. Please read, understand and join us in solidarity to fight to end racism.
  • The WebinArt community
    WebinArt isn’t only about helping you to grow your business. An important aspect of the programme is to build stronger networks and develop a supportive creative community across Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Rutland. Events We will hold friendly online social gatherings over the course of the year, and hopefully in-person events when social distancing restrictions have been lifted. As an important part of the WebinArt community, we ask that you attend as many as you can. It’s a great opportunity to get to know others on the programme and network. Closed Facebook Group You will be invited to join a closed Facebook group which will enable all involved to connect, share information and provide peer-to-peer support. We will share opportunities and use this to communicate about upcoming events. Social Media Please follow and engage with us on social media, as well as fellow members, mentors and lead artists. We also promote the work of our members. To make sure we see relevant posts that you’d like us to share, please tag us. FOLLOW US > Instagram - @webinart_uk Facebook - @webinartuk Social Media Content Distribution We invite you to share our content on social media. When you do share WebinArt content, please use the following guidelines - If sharing via a third-party app, e.g. for Instagram, ensure the post is shared so the image or video is not cropped, and that the post reflects the original quality. Please attribute the source - i.e. With every share please point your audience back towards WebinArt. Please do add a short amount of your own text if relevant, but please also copy over text from the original post, including hashtags. Member Badge We encourage you to use our ‘member badge’ - an image which you can upload to social media and add to your website if you wish, to show your membership of the programme and the community. A link to this can be found on the WebinArt portal.
  • Technical information
    WEBINARS All of our workshops are virtual, and take place online via WebinarJam. You will receive an email invitation to register your attendance. This registration link will also be shared on the closed Facebook Group and online portal. If you have any questions relevant to the subject of each webinar, please email these to Cath ( at least one week prior to the event. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each live workshop, and in the closed Facebook Group. Devices + Browsers For the best experience, we recommend viewing workshops from a computer. Other devices may be used but depending on the make/model you may have a different experience than those using a computer. Please note - WebinarJam is optimised for use with Google Chrome. Other browsers may not work. You can download Chrome HERE. During the Webinars During each webinar you will be able to see and hear the host. You will not be seen or heard, but we do encourage you to interact via the chatbox. Recordings Webinars are best viewed live, as you will have the opportunity to participate and ask questions. However, if you miss any of the live sessions, you will be able to access recordings of all workshops. You will automatically receive a recording link, which will also be shared on the closed Facebook Group and on our Learning platform. LIVE CONVERSATIONS Each live arts organisation conversation will take place online via Zoom. As with the online workshops, recordings of each interview will be available to view afterwards. OUR ONLINE SCHOOL All programme content is made available to members only via our online school. This includes webinar recordings, supporting resources and interviews. Please note that these will be added as they become available throughout the year. As a bonus, through your library you access the previous two years of the WebinArt programme.
  • How much does it cost?
    From September 2020,the remaining 9 months of the programme will cost £8 per month for Establish and Emerge members, and £4 per month for Evolve members. This will be paid monthy through our online learning platform. WebinArt 2020/21 is generously subsidised by our funding partners - Leicestershire County Council, Arts Council England, Derbyshire County Council, Hinckley + Bosworth Borough Council, North West Leicestershire District Council, Blaby District Council + Rutland County Council.
  • Contact us
    If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of your membership with WebinArt, please get in touch. We are here to support you. Catherine Rogers - Creative Leicestershire Manager - Dan Lamoon - Technical producer and owner of Colab Creation - Cath Pilling - WebinArt Programme Coordinator - Ruth Singer - Establish Consultant - Theo Miller - Live Conversation Host -
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    You can cancel your membership at any time, we just ask that you let us know. Please email if you need to cancel for any reason.
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