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APPLY NOW for WEBINART : Helping Independent Creatives Boost Resilience and Thrive Amidst Covid-19

It’s an overwhelming and difficult time for everyone right now, including artists and other creative producers who are trying to adapt to the current curveball we’ve all been thrown. Thankfully, creative business mentoring and support is available thanks to an initiative launched in 2017 by Creative Leicestershire Manager Catherine Rogers.

Now open for applications, WebinArt is Creative Leicestershire’s one-year professional development programme, delivered in collaboration with knowledgeable arts industry experts and creative organisations across Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Rutland. The programme supports creatives across a wide range of disciplines, from painters to makers and writers, helping them to grow resilient businesses in the face of adversity - Whether it’s financial, lack of knowledge, low confidence, or those presented as a result of a worldwide pandemic.

In a new development for this year, the team are excited to announce two parallel membership types, designed to support both early-career creatives (Emerge membership) and more experienced artists and makers (Establish membership).

Like many other organisations, WebinArt have adapted their operations in accordance with social distancing - moving all activity entirely online. The programme delivers bespoke business mentoring, live expert interviews, and engaging live webinars packed with valuable industry know-how. They also facilitate networking opportunities, provide a supportive online community and passionately promote their members on social media.

Due to the current pandemic and financial uncertainty that many are facing at this time, the first 3 months of the programme are being provided for free. The remaining 9 months of the programme will cost £8 per month.

Visit for more information

and apply online before 15th May.


WebinArt 2020/21 is generously + kindly subsidised by their funding partners -

Leicestershire County Council, Arts Council England, Derbyshire County Council, Hinckley + Bosworth Borough Council, North West Leicestershire District Council, Blaby District Council + Rutland County Council.


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