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Leicester-based artist and former WebinArt member Lucy Stevens has been awarded an Arts Council National Lottery grant for her latest solo art exhibition, ‘Chasing Seasons’. The award will be used to explore the effects of climate change on bird species through a body of new mixed-media artwork.

Stevens’ exhibition will bring together art and science using a variety of creative techniques and skills developed at her art studio at StudionAme in Leicester.

The project will see her working in collaboration with scientists and experts in the natural world from the British Trust of Ornithology and Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust. The creative process will include discussions with experts and access to bird-related research, case studies, and nature reserves to interpret the information in an accessible and creative way. Visitors to the exhibition can expect to see a variety of new artworks, including vivid portraits of spring migrating birds, photographs of bird skins from Leicester Museum’s collections, and enlightening interpretations of scientific research.

Peter Knott, Midlands Area Director for Arts Council England said: “Creativity has the power to help us explore the world around us, connect with nature and learn about our relationship with the environment. “We’re really pleased to be supporting Lucy’s project through our National Lottery Project Grants and hope her unique work fusing scientific research and creativity will help inspire and educate those who experience it.” Professor James Pearce-Higgins, Director of Science from the British Trust for Ornithology said “By watching birds, we can all see the impact that climate change is having on the natural world. The BTO harnesses those observations to tell scientific stories, for example showing much-loved migratory birds like the cuckoo and turtle dove are in long-term decline. In this exhibition, Lucy Stevens combines these themes to help us visualise the potential vulnerability of our long-distance migrants to climate change.”

Lucy said "I am looking forward to collaborating with experts in the natural world who can provide insight into the decline of birds due to climate change and what this will mean for future species. This is a chance to delve into bird-related research and produce a creative response to demonstrate the importance of nature and our connection to it.”

The exhibition will take place between Friday 7 - Thursday 20 May at StudionAme, 2 Brougham Street, Leicester LE1 2BA. The exhibition will also be available to view online at For further information visit:


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