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"Kick up the Arts" Melton. A community Ares Project that made a difference to our Town.

Kick Up The Arts, an arts community project based in the heart of Melton Mowbray, launched on the 27th of November and ran until the 3rd of December. The project was part of Creative Leicestershire’s Creative Spaces Project ‘Animated Leicestershire Towns, funded by the National Lottery. In just over a week, the project welcomed over 200 people of all ages who visited to take part in creative activities, meet resident artists and learn more about the project. A Meet and Greet event also invited over 20 local artists to connect and share knowledge.

“Absolutely fabulous event. Very friendly people, lovely activities, brilliant for helping people with mental health issues, wish it was here all the time, thank you”

Based in an empty shop in their local shopping centre, a team of artist’s joined forces to provide an inspiring, welcoming and creative space for all, to celebrate local artists in the town, showcase aspiring young artists in a Young Artist Exhibition, and provide dedicated workshops and creative drop in sessions for local students, adults and the general public to come together, learn creative skills in areas such as print and painting, and explore creative career opportunities.

“Such an amazing and inspiring place. With a wonderful vision to promote Art and Craft within Melton for all generations and abilities. Good luck and hope for the future.”

The space also offered an activity for visitors to explore Melton’s local heritage, celebrating the history of the town and to share ideas and thoughts on what the future looks like for Melton as a thriving creative culture. This was captured through an activity called ‘The Big Melton Doodle’ which continues to be developed as a lasting legacy of the project and a way for everyone to contribute to the future heritage of the town.

“Melton has needed a creative, warm and friendly space like this for so long - Thank you so much for making us so welcome and freedom to experiment with art”

“We’re all so proud of what we have achieved. The project created real interest in the local area, and the feedback we received from visitors was so positive. When we closed our doors on the last day of the project we knew that this wouldn’t be the end and it was clear that the community wanted creative outlets like this to remain as more of a permanent fixture in the local area for all to access. We know from what visitors have shared with us that this has been such an important space for many, in so many ways.” Project Lead Artist, Ellie Lovett


If you want to find out about the project visit our facebook page Kick Up The Arts Melton where you will be able to explore the week long project and keep up to date on future plans for 2024.


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